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Create Custom Object Detectors

This course is the foundation of all other courses. Before you can build complicated applications to make decisions in real time, you must first learn how to build a model that can recognize objects. Out of the box object detectors don't cover every scenario, so you need the ability to make your own!

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Automate Text Extraction

The Second Foundational Pillar. This Course teaches you how to use BurningAlice to automatically detect text in video feed and extract the text.

Not only that, but it introduces you into having BurningAlice auto label frames that your model detector missed.

These frames can then be used to improve your object detector.

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Video Analysis Applications

The Third Foundational Pillar. This course focuses on the use of tracking objects on the screen from frame to frame allow you to automatically generate analytical data from the video screen.

This means by editing a config file, you can keep track of how many blast bullets Megaman has on the screen as well as how much time he spent performing actions such as running or jumping.

Coming Q2 2022!!!!

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Auto Fake News Text Replace Course

This course teaches you how to use burningalice to automatically blot out text or blur it out in a video. Not only that but it goes one step further to show you how to strategically replace the text in a believable flow that can be used for someone trying to spin a message.

Coming December 2021!

Jeopardy Survey #1: Questions And Contestants

This is an exploration of using burningalice to assist in building an analysis tool that can link questions asked in Jeopardy with their position on the board.

Coming December 2021!

Jeopardy Survey #2: Questions And Contestants

Learn how to use computer vision to keep track of which contestant answered which question during a jeopardy match.

Coming January 2022!

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